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February 2015 Editorial

†††††††† Although we are well into the New Year, as this is the first issue for 2015, a happy and peaceful new year to you all.†† A warm welcome to all newcomers to the village and to those who have moved away, good luck and happiness in your new homes.

†††††††† The somewhat dreary weather of late has brought with it the usual seasonal coughs and colds, coughs being particularly troublesome this year.†† Get better wishes go to all those not feeling at their best just now.

†††††††† Thanks to another bumper crop of Christmas messages and your very generous donations, Newsletter and Manor Hall funds received substantial boosts.

†††††††† Donít forget the Soup and Pudding Evening in aid of the Chemotherapy Unit and the Primary School this coming Saturday, 31st January Ė tickets £7.50 each available from the Shop.

†††††††† Details of the Pamper Day on 14th February to raise money for the North Devon Hospice and the Newsletter appear later in this issue.††† Do please try to support this event if you can.

†††††††† Although the mornings still remain dark, the evenings are drawing out, bulbs are popping up everywhere Ė spring IS on its way!†† Donít forget to put your clocks forward an hour on the 28th/29th March.

†††††††† Some interesting articles again in this issue and my thanks, as always, to those contributors but especially the regulars and Paul.†† Nigel had his arm twisted to illustrate the Rural Reflections Ė thank you, Nigel, its lovely to have some of your work again after quite a long time.

†††††††† Iíll be looking for another batch of contributions for the April issue, which will come out just before Easter, as soon as possible and by Wednesday, 11th March at the latest please.†† Thanks.


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