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August 2015 Editorial

       In August 2005 I repeated the August Editorial of1995, and I wrote . . .

        Unbelievably, this issue starts the 7th year of the Newsletter.   During this time we have discovered a wealth of talent within the village.    Gifted artists – Helen Armstead, Debbie Cook, David Duncan, Neil Redwood, Peter Rothwell, Paul Swailes and Nigel Mason, not forgetting the delightful contributions from pupils at the Primary School.   Tom Bartlett and Lorna Bowden have filled us in on Berrynarbor of the past, and if you have followed in the steps of our 'Local Walker', you will have learnt much of the flora and fauna of our area, as well as gained an intriguing insight into many of our local beauty spots and historic churches.   Perhaps you have puzzled over Dave Beagley's crosswords. There have been original poems, recipes, travel memories, accounts of the 'doings' of the various organisations . . . and I and the readers, thank you ALL for without you, there would be no Newsletter.

        . . . and the same goes for today – nothing changes!   Yes, one or two things do.   We are now starting the 17th year and sadly we no longer have Helen Armstead with us. David and Neil have moved to pastures new, as has Dave, but Brian has stepped most ably in to carry on our Crossword Corner.   Tom, Lorna and the Local Walker continue to delight us with their offerings and have been joined by regular contributions from Tony, Steve, Sue and Simon and the bi-monthly letter from our Rector, Keith.   The many organisations and groups, which have grown, continue to keep us up to date with their 'doings'!

        So let's keep going – only another two issues before we reach our 100th – and discover more talent still!   

. . . and now, following on from 1995 and 2005, I am writing twenty years on as we start the 27th year of the Newsletter!   During the last ten years we have gained but sadly lost contributions from our two late Oldies, Walter and Trevor, but we continue to enjoy the illustrations of Paul, Debbie and Peter, and offerings from Tom, Lorna, the Local Walker, Tony, Steve, Sue and Simon, and Dave has stepped in again to puzzle us with his crosswords as well as print the newsletter.   In addition, we have been testing and tasting Wendy’s delicious recipes and learnt some intriguing facts about Pam’s Movers and Shakers.   The local groups and organisations keep us up to date but sadly for the time being, we have lost the letter from our Rector. 

        So I repeat the message:   I and the readers thank you all for without you there would be no Newsletter!  

       And, as usual, the request to keep going and items and articles for the October issue will be welcome as soon as possible and by Thursday, 10th September please at the latest.

        The summer weather has been somewhat mixed but hopefully it will favour the Berry Revels, the Church Fayre and the All Day Village Celebration Party – enjoy!


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