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October 2015 Editorial

The summer has not been that good, or not until the children went back to school, but it has not dampened the enjoyment or success of the many village events the School, Manor Hall and Church fetes, the Horticultural and Craft Show, the Sterridge Open Gardens and the Celebration of the final end of World War II.

The cover by Holly Davies and the other pictures are the Primary School winning entries in the Horticultural and Craft Show. One winner from each of the years, the work was based on Images of the Ocean and the theme of the Show, Cities, Towns and Villages. Congratulations to them all.

Once again a warm welcome to all newcomers to the village and farewell to those who have left, we wish you all health and happiness in your new homes. We are also thinking of all those not feeling at their best just now and send good wishes to get well soon.

In each issue I thank the contributors for their continued support and cannot stress more that without you there would be no newsletter. However, it would be lovely to welcome some new ones! How about it?

Put pen to paper or e-mail me something for the December and Christmas issue.

Those items, as well as the regular articles, should be in the Shop, Chicane or e-mailed to me as soon as possible please, and by Wednesday, 11th November at the latest. Thank you.


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