Photos - Miscellaneous


As part of the project to digitise the Newsletter, we have been re-scanning as many of the original photos used over the years as possible. In a lot of cases, getting access to photos is difficult as people have either moved, or passed away. But where we have been able to track them down, it has allowed us to enjoy the photos in all their hi-resolution full colour glory - often in stark contrast to the black and white hazy images produced by the printing process for the hard copies of the Newsletter.

We would like to thank the following people for helping us track down originals of the photos used in the Newsletter. It is greatly appreciated!

  • Keith and Margaret Walls
  • Stuart Neale
  • Tom Bartlett (see here for the gallery dedicated to Tom's Postcards)
  • Jane Bowden (for supplying access to Lorna's photo collection)
  • Sandy Anderson
  • Judie Weedon


  • Click on the thumbnails to view the full Hi-res image.
  • Click on the label to view the article relating to the image.

Helen Armstead, Court Cottage